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OSB - Professional Liability Fund OSB - Professional Liability Fund en-us Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:41:59 -0700 (OSB PLF Podcast) Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:41:59 -0700 Using Gmail, Microsoft, or Yahoo! for Email? Change Your Passwords Now Russian hackers have stolen 272 million passwords for Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Accounts. If you use any of these services, change your passwords now. Ransomware Alert - 7 Ways to Stop Your Data from Being Held Hostage It is time to be scared about Ransomware, but not paralyzed by fear. The bad news is that there are more cases of ransomware – malware that seizes control of your data, encrypts the data, then demands a ransom to turn over the key to decrypt the data, though many are finding the ransom payment is no guarantee of the data. The good news is that there are things you can do proactively to protect your data, and that is empowering. The Latest Scam Targeting Oregon Lawyers: Fake Court Notices Scams targeting lawyers never seem to let up. The latest twist? Fake court notices! But how can you spot one? Proposed Revision to UTCR 5.100 - Seeking Public Comment The Oregon Judicial Department is seeking comment on a proposed out-of-cycle revision of Uniform Trial Court Rule (UTCR) 5.100 (Submission of Proposed Orders or Judgments). 2016 ABA TECHSHOW The 2016 ABA TECHSHOW has come and gone, but have no fear! You can still access the great content shared during the 30th anniversary of this technology expo and conference. Thinking of Surcharging Clients Who Pay by Credit Card? Some Oregon lawyers are taking the position that the Payment Card Interchange Fee Settlement permits them to pass on credit card surcharges to clients. If you elect to do so, are you free to proceed? Getting Paid Do you have questions about alternative fee agreements? Bartering? Collections? Here are some resources that may be helpful. Do Lawyers Have an Ethical Duty to Replace Hacked Funds? In October 2015, the North Carolina Bar Association concluded that lawyers who have taken reasonable security measures to safeguard their computer network aren’t ethically obligated to replace client funds if hackers steal client money. A summary of the opinion appears in Bloomberg. Technology Tips and Practice Pointers Coming soon to a city near you! The New Year Offers a Fresh Start If your goals for the new year include any of the following – reeducing your stress level, improving your office routines, increasing productivity, streamlining office systems, balancing the demands of work and home – then resolve to get a head start.