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The Latest Scam Targeting Oregon Lawyers: Fake Court Notices

May 04, 2016

Remember that legitimate court notices from Oregon civil courts will always come from ojd.state.or.us.  Or, if the message is generated by the Odyssey eFile & Serve system, the domain will be tylerhost.net.  If you see a purported "Oregon Court Notice" from any other domain(s), it is likely a fake.

If you receive a suspicious court notice, do not click on any links in the message and do not reply to the email.  Instead:

  • Pick up the phone and call the court administrator to verify the contents of the message.
  • Login to OJCIN and check the Register of Actions for the particular case.
Remember the principal behind these steps any time you receive a suspicious message:  independently verify the information!  My colleague, Sheila Blackford, will be blogging about the fake court notice problem at Just Oregon Lawyers.

Practice Alert courtesy of Practice Management Advisor Beverly Michaelis



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