Manage Your Trust Account Like You Care for Your Dog

To best manage your lawyer trust account, think of and care for your trust account the way you would take care of your dog. You attend to its particular needs, such as physical and mental stimulation, dietary monitoring, and health check-ups. These steps for owning a happy and healthy dog reflect similar methods for maintaining a sound trust account.

Assessing and Remitting Abandoned Funds

The safekeeping of property is a well-known responsibility of lawyers. Attorneys understand that we must take great care in holding and accounting for any money in our possession that belongs to clients or third parties. But what happens when a lawyer has kept a client’s money safe, and the client is nowhere to be found come time for distribution? Does the lawyer keep the money in trust indefinitely? Do the funds become the property of the law firm?

Considerations When Charging Fixed Fees

Lawyers set fees for clients using a variety of arrangements. Charging a fixed fee, a set price for the services the lawyer provides, offers benefits to both you and the client. In addition, fixed fee agreements may reduce the possibility of fee disputes and increase the likelihood of carefully documenting the scope of representation.