Outsourcing Work to Virtual Receptionists or Assistants

When current resources are stretched to their limits and you need help meeting demands, hiring staff can become essential. If you want someone who can work from wherever, a remote staff person is often the first thought—but you should also consider outsourcing to a virtual receptionist or assistant.

Catching the Right Fish: Associate Job Posts

Finding the right associate to join your firm can feel a lot like fishing. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but you are searching for a star. Your job description is the first connection potential applicants have with you. You want that first contact to capture their attention and interest while also conveying your values and the benefits of working with you. Read on for a few tips to describe your associate position clearly and authentically.

Welcome, Kirsten!

The OAAP is pleased to announce that Kirsten Blume, JD, MA candidate has joined the OAAP as an Attorney Counselor Associate!

Hiring Staff: Considerations Before and During the Hiring Process

Feeling overwhelmed by your workload and never quite able to pull yourself out of the black hole of tasks? Yet most attorneys have never been an employer, and the idea of all that goes into hiring an employee can feel overwhelming. Don't allow this to deter you from at least considering the prospect of hiring staff.

Lawyers as Supervisors

The old adage “I just want to practice law, not be a manager,” doesn’t fit with the business model of a law firm if you have staff. It benefits you and your clients if you put in the time to become a better manager and train your staff accordingly.