Apps to Help Legal Professionals Stay Organized

With the sheer frequency and variety of notifications, meetings, and other commitments that legal professionals have, it can be hard to keep track of your to-do’s. Thankfully, technology is available to help. Here are some software solutions and tips to keep you on top of your responsibilities.

There Is More

There are many in the legal profession who struggle with the emotional tug-of-war of taking time off. Here are some thoughts to consider when planning your next holiday.

What Can Yard Work Teach Lawyers about Project Management?

Anne, the owner of a two-attorney law firm and a single mother of two children, pulls into her driveway after a busy and stressful day at the office. She looks at her front yard full of patches of dead grass, weeds, and random yard debris. Her eyes glance over at her retired neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn and she lets out a long sigh....

Getting It All Done As a Solo

One of the biggest challenges a solo without support staff faces is trying to get it all done. How is it humanly possible? It may take some extraordinary juggling and a persistent adherence to planning, but I believe you can get close.

Back to Basics - Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

Lawyers are busy. You are busy. When you hear expressions like “time management,” you probably think, “I don’t have time for that.” More accurately, you don’t have time for complex technology or complicated strategies that involve extra steps in your workflow. What you need are simple solutions that will help you organize your work and accomplish it without delay. We’re here to help. Read on for some straightforward suggestions to help you manage your time and complete your work.

Managing Our Time, Managing Ourselves

At the beginning of 2017, I wrote a blog post on using the 80/20 Pareto Principle to manage your time. I start this year with a similar post on time management. For this post, I turn to Habit 3 of Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, to help lawyers see time management from another perspective.