Working Remotely: The Takeaway

Working Remotely: The Takeaway

We are now three months in to what is, for many of us, this brave new world of remote work. For some, it has been a resoundingly successful experiment. Some lawyers who previously worked out of traditional law offices have made a smooth transition to working out of their homes – and may never look back, opting instead to take their practices paperless or work remotely all or part of the time.

For others, though, it has been an exercise in frustration. Whether it’s technological difficulties, lack of ideal home office setup, children needing to be cared for or home-schooled, managing other staff who also work remotely, maintaining connections with clients and colleagues, or just the myriad of possible distractions to productivity, the challenges are by now very familiar to lawyers.

Whether you love it or hate it, the current reality of our workplaces demands a measure of acceptance and adaptation. What has become clear, in this new landscape, is how much we can all learn from each other. From the experts presenting webinars to your former co-worker down the hall, a lot of people in our profession have helpful tips to offer to make your virtual law practice run more efficiently and effectively.

One such resource is the PLF’s very own retired practice management attorney, Sheila Blackford, who was recently interviewed as part of a panel of practice management and technology experts for an article in the ever-helpful, always interesting blog, “Attorney at Work.”

I encourage you to give it a read and glean your own takeaways!

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